Monday, November 16, 2009


Brad came with my some of my family and I to Disneyland last week! My sister wanted to go for her husbands birthday and asked my mom if she would babysit Tyke. My mom said, SURE! Then my sister said, you can either stay with Tyke or come with us! My mom of course decided to go with and that's how Brad and I got invited too! haha But we loved it and had so much fun!
Brad and Drake waiting to go in!

Apparently they film the Disneyland Christmas parade early and it just so happened to be the first day we were there with Ryan Seacrest! Brad and I were right behind him when he was opening for the parade, so we will be on TV Christmas day!! So everyone look for us!! We were more excited to be on TV then to see Ryan Seacrest! haha It's still cool though!

Brad HAD to make us sit in the front for Splash Mountain and we were soaked!! :)

My niece Blayke, which is 3, absolutely loved every ride! She was even brave enough to put her hands in the air for the ride! She's crazy! She would just laugh through the whole ride.

Brock, Drake, and Blayke

The castle is kinda hard to see but it was so pretty at night!

We took a ride in Toon Town!

And Brad was put in jail for speeding....suprise...suprise...

Had to take a picture by the O for Overson!!

Beautiful waterfall!

Disneyland's freaking tall Christmas Tree

Tyke, I freaking LOVE this kid!!!

Getting ready for the Toy Story ride at California adventure! It was such a cool ride!


We were too cheap to buy a picture, so we took a picture of a picture...This was Tower of Terror. It was a lot better than I expected but I screamed the whole time!!! We are in the second row. It's Melissa, Drake, Brock, Ryan, Brad, Me, and My dad.

I'm mad that this was our only group picture cause Brad isn't even in it!! But thanks Mom and Dad for getting a resort for all of us to stay in! Thanks for driving Brad and I home early so he could make it to his class! We had so much fun! You guys are the best!!

Couldn't go with out a picture in front of Mickey!

And last but not least, on Splash Mountain with my sister and brother in law. We made them sit in the front so they could experience getting soaked! Wahaha!! The first drop and Ryan was drenched! Not really sure why he pulled the shirt over his head for the pic...and not really sure what my sister was doing...haha but it's a good pic!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Games, concerts, birthdays, and Weddings!

Ok, so this is Dr. Welch! He is the absolute greatest boss ever!!! He took our whole office to the diamond backs game last month. It was so fun! We sat in the bleacher seats in right field. Those are really fun seats when you have a big group! Thanks Dr. Welch!!!

This is Kelsey and Jordan. Kelsey is pretty much my best friend at work, and now officially after last night, my only single friend left! She is hilarious and I love her.

Look at Brad... HAHAHAHA

Brad took me to the Brad Paisley concert! Isn't he the best! We had a blast and I strongly suggest you to go to the next Brad Paisley concert. He's amazing.

Brad's mom, Dana, turned lucky #50 on the 11Th. We threw her a surprise birthday party and here's her fabulous cake! She told everyone that she absolutely did not want to do anything but dinner for her birthday.....but we couldn't help but making her 50Th birthday awesome! And yes she was surprised and she loved it all!! Happy birthday Dana!

And last but not least, my dear friend Kristen is finally married! She got married yesterday and asked me to do her cake! I was thrilled to do it! It turned out beautiful!!! Don't you think??? And yes, I caught her bouquet....I think I should stop doing that...That's #12!!!! :/

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Much needed pictures!

I finally stole Brads camera!!!!!! Some of these are old, but at least I have them! Don't mind this kinda ugly pic!!! haha This is us at the lake on the 4Th of July!!!! haha It was so much fun!! I never can get enough of the lake.
I got Brad tickets to the Toby Keith concert for his birthday. This is us on the way to the concert. I love this picture.
Trace Adkins opened for Toby. It was such a good concert, although a lot of old people there....weird! We had pretty awesome seats. But look how big Toby and Trace are!! Especially Trace...dang!
Brad's freaking adorable/totally cute nephew Taegen.
Memorial weekend, we went up to their cabin to relax in the freezing cold weather! And so Brad could bow hunt. haha it's bow season! Ross (Brad's dad) loves grilling and he spent most of the day cooking us delicious food!
I got to go scope out some elk with the guys. I was so excited to go, then we hike freaking 10 miles and then waited and waited and waited for elk to come. It was exciting to see them when we did, but so boring in the process of seeing them! I kept that it? is it time to go back? haha they kept saying NO!! When we first saw one I said "look! there's one!!" haha whoops! I'm not very good at being a hunter, cause you're supposed to be quite.... I think I like it better staying at the cabin cooking. hehe :)

All of us!

I promise I will blog more! Brad surprised me with Brad Paisley tickets :) so stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I suck at blogging!!!

I suck at blogging!!! Actually all I do is work anymore....Monday through Thursday, I work at the dental office, and Friday, and Saturday, I work with April doing cakes! I love both my jobs. I need to be better at taking pictures I know!!!! But I blame Brad!! He has all our pictures and keeps forgetting to e-mail me them! But a couple weeks ago, April went to Europe for a week and asked me to take over some cakes for her. I delivered one, added one tier to another, and did this one from scratch! So I'm posting it to my blog! haha If you saw this cake in person, it was so bright!!!!! The pink was like florescent! It was a super fun cake for a little girl!
Anyway, I know I need to blog more, but no one leaves comments!!! :) Don't worry, I'll make Brad send me pics and blog more soon!!
P.S. Thanks Brandis for rolling balls for the cake and keeping me company and sane on my super stressful weekend! You rock! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


2010 MAZDA 3

So I finally convinced my dad to just start looking at/test driving cars. We went on Friday and I fell in love with it. We got prices and did a credit check and all that junk and talked them down in price. (I'm a good negotiator, I take after my sister who my dad says was the best) They offered me to just take it home for the day with out buying and just see how I liked it. I was all over that idea, but my dad said NO! and told them we still wanted to shop around. When we got home, we talked about everything and my dad felt really good about the price and the car but still kinda wanted to look around. I, of course, was hooked and wanted it so bad, but my dad still insisted that we waited until they called us! Later that afternoon, I received a call from them....we made some last minute deals....and here I am!!!!!!!!! I'm getting a spoiler put on next week. I can't believe it really happened! I honestly had no intentions of buying that morning, I just wanted to test drive it, but man do I love my PEARL!!! haha (her color is called pearl white, so her name is now pearl! It's a sparkly paint too!!!!!!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Michelle's wedding cake

This wedding cake was for my friend at work, Michelle. Her reception was defiantly the best decorated reception I have ever been to. It was so dang cute! Thanks to April for helping out with this cake a little bit and for letting me borrow the stand! You're the best! This cake had wheat grass on bottom with all fresh flowers. Although it was pretty...please don't ever make me do grass again!!!! It was the biggest pain in the butt! haha
I helped April do these cookies for my friend that I did the cake for. She wanted 400 homemade, flowered shaped, pretty big cookies. These are the best tasting sugar cookies I've ever tasted. But I don't think anyone knows how much 400 cookies are, until they actually bake and frost them!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are pretty cute though, I must say....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big 10

So life has just been kinda crazy. I've been working 6 days a week and come home exhausted but love what I do! I love my full time job, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have the best boss in the world! He seriously is so awesome! And on the weekends, I have been helping April do cakes and desserts for weddings which is so fun! I don't every get sick of it or hate going....I LOVE IT! I'm used to being an assistant, I've done it for 3 years, so assisting April is a piece of cake! She is awesome too! She seriously is my idol! Anyway, enough blabbing!! Life kinda sucks right now, but what do ya do...I try to stay busy and get on with life.
Dr. Welch asked me to do his son's birthday cake and made his son think that he wasn't getting a cake at all and when he saw it, he about died! When Dr. Welch saw it, you would have thought it was his birthday!! haha But it was another camouflage cake and I think it turned out pretty good. I wish I could have recorded how Dr. Welch was so funny!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cakes and Britany Spears concert!

This last week was my niece, Blayke's, birthday. She turned 3 and has been looking forward to her birthday ever since Drake had his in December. I have a photo paper that has a ton of different cakes on it, and every time she comes over she will look at the paper for forever! And she will tell you exactly which cake she wants for her and ask everyone else which on they want! She's so cute! So I have planned for a while to do her cake. I wanted to do a bigger one to practice doing more wedding cake like cakes. I also wanted to try out how it was to do a fake tier. This girl is all about pink and princess!!! So I made it as pink as I could and added bling for her. The bottom tier is fake.

Then, Friday was the Britany Spears concert! Dr. Welch is the best Dr. ever and bought us tickets! And they were actually pretty awesome seats! We had a blast and even though there were some parts that were cheesy or she changed her out fit way too many times, I still made that night so much fun! Thanx for dancing with me Lindsey!! haha

The Pussy Cat Dolls opened for Britany and they were sooooo good!!!!!!!!

Waiting for Britany!
(sorry your head is cut off Kristen! My arm isn't quite long enough!)

Britany is pretty slutty....but it was still awesome! She had circus people there that performed through out the whole concert. Kinda cool.

The group!

And this cake I made this weekend for Brad's little sister Brandis, whom I love more than anything!!!! She is so awesome and we have so much fun together! She has asked me for forever to make this cake for her and I pretended like I didn't have time at all (which I almost didn't...thanx to Dana for stepping in to help relieve some stress when my mom was gone!! haha) She was so surprised when I brought it in to her!! Happy birthday girl!

This design I used from April who is the most amazing cake lady ever!! She is going on Food Network someday, I know it!! I'm sure most of you already look at her blog every day but click on my link to the side for her blog! Thanx April!!!! You're my idol!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pageant/CAKE

So this weekend, me and some girls from work went to the Easter Pageant to watch our other friend/co-worker be the angle. She was so cute and did so good! Watching the Easter Pageant, really helped me remember the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it. Even though I spent Easter all alone this year cause my parents decided they didn't love me anymore.....I had a blast!! I love having the house to myself and doing whatever I want! Or just having the quietness of my own kitchen so that I could make a cake too...
(Dang...Pam's eye's are closed!!! sorry it's the only picture I had! and sorry Amy, you aren't in it! Should have came earlier! WE LOVE YOU!)
The cake I made for the April birthday's in my office. And Denise's birthday is included!!
Happy Birthday girls! And Ashley!!